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Security Policy

Our Commitment

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and the security of your online transactions at Praxigento.

What Information Is Covered?

In shopping at our site, you may provide us with various personal information. For example, when you place orders at our site, you'll provide your name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number and expiration date.

Finally, you may wish to send us e-mail with your personal comments on the site or our products. Or you may decide to participate in an online discussion.

Our privacy policy explains how we protect and treat personal information you provide to us. Our security policy explains how we safeguard this information. Please read on to learn more about these policies and terms.

We Safeguard Your Information

We have put in place security control systems designed to ensure that your personal information, and particularly your credit card information, remains safe and private.

We Encrypt Your Credit Card Information

For your protection, credit card data is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption algorithm using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol before being sent to the payment gateway, then passed through multiple firewalls to prohibit any unauthorized access.

You can verify Praxigento SSL certificate here.

Praxigento servers are protected extensively both in the virtual and physical environment. Since all credit card numbers are suppressed, no one except for the bank, not even Praxigento's staff, sees your credit card number.

Your browser will let you know when it is in "secure" mode. Rather than the standard "http" term, the Internet address will begin with "https", with the "s" standing for secure.

Please do not worry about ordering from our site in a non-secure mode; if your browser does not support SSL, then our system will notify you, and will not process your online order.

We Do Not Store Your Credit Card Information

All of the personal information we collect is protected against unauthorized access. Once we receive your credit card information and your order is processed all credit card data you provided is securely deleted from our servers.

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