Zoho LiveDesk by Praxigento provides convenient click-to-chat capability for your customers. Give your customers the ability to initiate chats right from your site using Zoho LiveDesk service.

Zoho Livedesk

- Program canned responses to swiftly address common requests.

- See your customers message as they type, allowing you to stay a step ahead.

- Share and receive files.

- Avoid delays and calibrate responses for their intended target.

- Catalogue every interaction to make it easy to debrief later and continually improve.

- Deputize your data with potent pre-built reports and enlighten your entire operation.

- Track your LiveDesk’s vitals with the most important daily statistics.

- Customize your embed widgets to your heart's content.

- Monitor your agents' chats to ensure consistent support.

- Step in to help or transfer chats to another agent.